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Bursa, is one of Turkey's major metropolitan cities and its fourth most populated city. Bursa is also the second largest city of the Marmara region after Istanbul and one of the most important industrial cities of Turkey. In addition, the city is the second largest exporter after Istanbul and one of the developed cities of Turkey in terms of the economy. Bursa, also carries importance with its natural and historical riches.

Bursa has been a witness to settlement since 5000 BC. It's name in antiquity was Prussa ad Hypium. The periods of sovereignty of the Bitynias, Lydians, Persians, Roman and Byzantines have been experienced in these lands where many tribes have settled. Bursa is famous with its hammams and baths, which were adorned with architectural works during the Roman period and the city was built on top of thermal waters. In addition, this city is the first capital city of Ottoman Empire so today it a is treasure trove of early Ottoman architectural works.

Bursa is also a member of European Historic Thermal Towns Association and a part of European Historical Thermal Towns Destination. During the 38th World Heritage Committee meeting in 2014, with its Khans Region, Orhan Gazi Complex and surroundings, Sultan Complexes, and Cumalıkızık Village, Bursa was inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage List as the 998th World Heritage Site.

Time zone

Bursa is 8 hours ahead of US - Eastern Standard Time, and 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Location and Climate

Bursa is near the Marmara Sea at North and founded at the base of Uludag, known as Olympos Mysios in antiquity. Bursa has Mediterranean subtropical climate. The warmest period of the city is between July and September and the average temperature varies between 20-240C and the coldest period is February-March when the average temperature is 6-8 0C degrees.


In Turkey the standard voltage is 220 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. The power plugs and sockets are of type F which also known as Schuko. Appliances from US, Canada and most South America require a voltage converter and British ones an adaptor for the two-pin sockets in use in the Turkey.

Places to visit

Uludag ski center is 36km a way from Bursa city center and it is a snowy winter wonderland. During summer the mountain is a cool, refreshing getaway from the heat. Cable-car which takes off from the city center makes getting up and down the mountain side very fast, easy and with unique view of the city from bird's eye view.

Because of its being the first Ottoman capital, Bursa is very rich in religious monuments, mosques, and tombs (Turbe). One of the places to be seen in Bursa is the Yesil Cami (Green Mosque), Medrese complex (old theological school) now houses the Ethnographical Museum, Yildirim Beyazit Mosque, Emir Sultan Mosque…

Golyazi, being one of the ancient settlements within the borders of Bursa, is situated on the East shores of the peninsula of the Uluabat Lake, also called the Apolyont Lake. The ancient name of Golyazi is Apollonia or Rhyndacum. originally being a Greek village. There are numerous remains in and around Golyazi, such as the ancient city walls, castle ruins, ancient roads, Apollon temple, Lily Hill, remains of Roman theatre, aqueduct, St. Mikael’s Church and many more. Golyazi was declared a protected area und put under preservation. Besides the ancient ruins, Golyazi offers streets with old Greek houses, where women web fishing nets, repair crayfish trap baskets and go ashore fishing with their boats. With these and more attractions, Golyazi is the popular destination for many tourists coming from Bursa and outside.

Turkish baths are also great places which should be visited in Bursa. The Eski Kaplica (Old Spring) of Çekirge district is the oldest in the province. The Karamustafa Pasa Baths are famous, and boast the best hot mineral waters in Turkey.

Traditional foods of the city

Bursa is the homeland of the delicious "Iskender Kebap", one of the best dishes of World famous Turkish Cuisine and meatballs on pita “Pideli köfte” are traditional foods of Bursa.

The candied chestnuts “Kestane Sekeri” and tahina pita “Tahinli pide” are special desserts which are proudly produced in this city. Bursa is also famous with its delicious peaches.


Bursa has lots of alternatives for shopping. As for something to purchase which is special in Bursa is silk products. This city is a center of the silk trade (since first silk cocoons were brought here with the caravans of the Silk Road) and historical center of textile. Koza Han (silk cocoon hall) is the best place where original silk products can be purchased in a historical hall which was built in 1451. In addition, Bursa's Covered Bazar is another authentic place which is very similar to İstanbul’s Grand Bazaar.

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